O n  B i g  D r a w i n g s

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"I remember when I was young and I used to do a drawing and say I've finished it, and my mom would come and stick a bit of paper at the end and say 'Carry on'. At points like that you think about expansion, and how far you can take it. Once you go beyond the limits of a piece of paper, it's easy."     Damien Hurst, 1997


The Artists:


       Avantika Bawa  
       Rica Takashima
       Olivia Petrides
       Ruby T
       Osi Audu
       Tracy Hill
       J D Glass

       Jeff Harms

       Julia Fish

       Daniel Hartlaub


       Michael K Paxton


       Charles Mahaffee


       Matthew Woodward


       Deb Sokolow


       Neville Gabie


            Joan Gabie