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Avantika Bawa: 
        The Ice Cube Series  (black)


Ice Cube Series 01-7

22 x 30 inches each. Graphite, flashe acrylic and oil stick on paper.

The Ice Cube series pays homage to the Georgia Archives building in Atlanta, GA. This stark and monolithic structure was once was a 14-story building, so nicknamed for its dearth of windows and for its boxy white marble boxy exterior. Hailed as one of the most modern facilities in the nation for archives at the time, it was built in 1965 and demolished in 2017. 

I started working on this series a while ago and in March 2020, was scheduled to have a solo show, ICE.ICE, at THE END project space in Atlanta, GA that would feature these works. The show was postponed due to the pandemic and I decided it would be a good idea to keep making more drawings of the same since there was no clear end in sight. Through repetitive and obsessive visual iterations of this building, I experience the endless possibilities of examining one specific subject. As a result, the Georgia Archives has become an examination of the abstraction and history of a place through a rigorous inquiry of its forms.

sizes: 20x30 inches  (1-6) and 15x12 inches (7-8),

Graphite, flashe acrylic and oil stick on paper


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