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Daniela Ehemann



2008, installation (detail), shower curtain, steel plastic, charcoal- and light drawing on wall and paper, Berlin, Kunstverein Tiergarten

Due to locations that became unavailable we are no longer able to include 

the sculptural proposals by Jeff Harms and Daniela Ehemann in the actual Big Drawings Arts Event and Exhibitions, but their work is included on this website.

Mini Mies Tower

About the Work: „Mini Mies Tower“

Mini Mies Tower refers to the original Mies van der Rohe building on Lake Shore Drive, one of the most important examples of modern architecture in Chicago, designed and developed by the famous german architect Mies van der Rohe.

It is referred to as an ideal building where form and function are in a total agree­ment, now rebuilt as an overseized model . Timeless or old fashion?

The clean and meaningful Ideal of a model?

...a left-over in the track of time already detached from its original object.