O n  B i g  D r a w i n g s

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Jeanine Riedl



  • Co-curator of On Big Drawings
  • likes to draw 
  • lives with an artist 
  • Marketing Communications Strategist
  • with Art and Museums experience


Clients, customers, consumers, patrons, talent, donors, visitors, and members. It doesn’t matter what they are called, every organization relies upon them. Because if one or more of these audience bases is not engaged, an organization risks a loss of funding, talent, and/or revenue.

Jeanine Riedl Consulting ensures that how organizations connect and engage with their audiences is not only authentic, relatable, and meaningful, but also mutually beneficial.

We develop and grow audiences through innovative copy, content, and experiences (e.g. events and programs). An A.D.D. V.A.L.U.E. approach incorporates our professional background in legal critical thinking and marketing communications to deliver creative engagement strategies and solutions that allow client partners to move boldly ahead.