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Charcoal Drawing 'Matter' with Hinge Gallery at MDW Fair, Chicago, 2012

Charles Mahaffee in front of his work, spring 2013
"These repetitions through sound, drawing, and video are designed to take communication and pummel it into incoherence. Statement after statement is distorted and reorganized only to be pounded again through the interchange of
different media based on the central theme. Sometimes quiet, sometimes screeching, they originate with some autobiographical intent, only to be drowned out in the static. The resulting confusion reveals one crucial obsession; that any
conjecture, no matter how honest or eloquent, contains within it the blueprints of its own destruction."

Through my work I don't presume to fully understand or define language and its effects on human thought and communication. What drives me instead is the thrill of exploring its endless malleability.  If meaning can be shifted so profoundly, then any statement, however commonplace, contains the potential for its own unraveling. Rather than focusing my work on the explanation of these contradictions, I’m learning how to manipulate them into a barrage of dissonance and infinite feedback. 

In this way I can question the validity of discourse by focusing on the experience of obsession itself.