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Michael K Paxton: 
        Work at Hand

Work At Hand chronicles the life and work of the artist, Michael K. Paxton

From his humble beginnings in the hills of West Virginia 

to his time as an art student at Marshall University 

in the gritty, industrial town of Huntington, 

to graduate school at the University of Georgia, Athens.

 During the heady heyday of the emerging scene of punk music, theater and performance art, 

and the era of bands like R.E.M., The B-52’s, and Pylon, Michael dove into the mosh 

pit of experimentation and free expression while working jobs at factories, 

on the railroad, and as a newspaper printer. Later, his battle to overcome 

tage 4 cancer would become an integral part of his story and a testimony 

to a sense of urgency and empathy in his paintings. 

Michael's working-class, Appalachian roots continue to inform his art today.

A documentary by Peter and Libi Hake



aunt Leila Given


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