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Olivia Petrides: 
        Art, Exhibitions, and Projects

Polar Nights I,

wall drawing in six panels

ink and gouache on paper 

overall dimensions,

364in x  78in


gouache on paper, 2015-16



Polar Nights 1, installed at A+D Levinton Gallery,

exhibition 'On Big Drawings',

Chicago, 2014


photographic travel study, studio impression

Olivia Petrides in her Chicago studio, 2014





I use the agggressive mark as the emblematic carrier of immense forces within urban and natural environments. My goal is to achieve a linear complexity, referencing turbulent atmospheres and tangled social workings. I am looking for new ways to embody ambivalent feelings about the ecological consequences of human actions. The images began with an ink monoprint of a New York Times spread, leaving crinkled textures, leached text, or actual bits of paper glued to the surface. The final images are constructed from that base. These works reflect my frustration with the obfuscating language of the 2020 government concerning every aspect of our political, social, and ecological lives. This 'spin' has twisted real meanings, actual situations and scientific facts, leading to harmful misinformation. 

November, 2020


The 'Spin' series, 2020, all app. 44in x 30in


details of the new 'Spin' series paintings