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Christine Wallers: 
        Sculpture and Installation


Copper Agnes | 2020

copper wire and magnets 


still image outside Taos, New Mexico 2020



Doing Fine, Installation, MANCC

with choreographer Joanna Furnans 


on the elements of electricity


"On Big Drawings 2014" A + D Gallery, Chicago, IL 


Selected site-specific installations
and interventions
Sea Level | Alchemy | Red Shift | On The Elements of Electricity

Sea Level, fine gauge wire, 24ft x 17ft x 4", 2005. Suyama Space, Seattle, WA.Christine Wallers received a 2005 GAP to purchase materials for her upcoming installation Sea Level at Suyama Space in Seattle. Her installation will be comprised of thousands of fine-gauge wires stretched parallel to the floor at varying levels to form a three-dimensional plane just above the surface, thereby creating a sense of transition between mass and movement that can be viewed from different angles. “This piece marks a transition from my previous work with more dramatic desert light, to the subtle, jewel-like quality of northwest coastal light,” says the artist.

Alchemy, Old San Ysidro Church, Corrales, NM, 2000.

Red Shift (2002)

glass, natural light, bricks, brass, tape, chalk

Locker Plant, Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas, 2002