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Matthew Woodward's work during installation in the A+D Gallery, Oct 2014

Sullivan Imitation Panel III 10'x30' ea. (three panels) Graphite on Paper 2012, Cultural Center, Chicago

Matthew Woodward was born in Rochester New York in 1981. He was educated at the

School of the Art institute of Chicago (BFA 05) and the New York Academy of Art (MFA

07). He is an instructor of Art at Dominican University and has given numerous lectures at schools and colleges throughout the United States.

Currently, Woodward lives and works in Chicago. In addition to On Big Drawings, another exhibition of his is currently up at The Comfort Station. He is represented at Linda Warren Projects.

Artist Interview: Matt Woodward

Art-Rated’s Sarah Elise Hall in conversation with Chicago-based artist Matthew Woodward,


AR: ... In the same way the viewer enters your work, slightly disoriented and tumbling into a complexity of meaning and experience .The viewer is confronted by materials and formats that challenge our notion of what it means to be a drawing, or to be architecture. Enormous scrolls of paper cascading from the ceiling to the floor, rolling out like a carpet into the gallery for the viewer to step on and make his own mark – to participate in the piece of art. Non-precious, transparent materials draped over the wall simultaneously revealing foreground marks and the cast shadows behind. Drawing/structures that seem to be disintegrating before our eyes. You progressively blur the line between drawing and three dimensional structures, testing new materials and ideas while you continue to embed them with a dislocated mark of history.

MW: With my own work, I am trying to emphasize the power of the material when it is isolated, to give it a sense of duration that is constantly present and tactically overwhelming like jealous replay. I’m trying to excavate from the surface, from the face, the fickle, problematic machinery between contact and boundary that is presented by duration and repetition, by intimacy and separation, these are, I think, some of Architectures bedfellow verdicts. And to take inside a limit that was supposed to mark an outside. 

Matt Woodward in his studio, summer, 2013

Matt Woodward EDUCATION

2005-2007  New York Academy of Art, New York, NY  M. F. A
2002-2005  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL B. F. A
2000-2002  Monroe Community College, Rochester N. Y

2014 - Could Almost Feel it in My Hands Like an Egg of Air in the Water, Purdue University, Indiana
2013 - At the Forgiveness Beneath the Mountain or Sleep, Repose and Duration in the Broken Hearted Year, Linda Warren Projects, Chicago, IL
2012 - View From the Birth Day, The Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL
2012 - A Note on Assembly/Glory, The University Club, Chicago, Chicago, IL
2012 - A Proud and Soaring Thing, The Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2011 - The Tremendous Alone, The Elmhurst Museum of Art, Elmhurst, IL
2011 -  A Loss Like the Rome of Waiting, Linda Warren Gallery, Chicago, IL
2011 - Or to Append the Cancelled Lyrics, The Union League Club, Chicago, IL
2010 - Not Again, The Old Men With Beautiful Manners, Linda Warren Gallery, Project Space, Chicago, IL